About us

In the changing times

The saying goes: “Cherchez la femme” or “there always a woman behind any action”. Maybe that was why the entrepreneur Alžbeta Macherová welcomed her first noble guests in the newly opened mountain outing restaurant and the wine-house in the fall of the nineteenth century. As a result, the summer resort character of Harmónia has changed for good. Gentle people started to come in large numbers not only from Modra or Prešporok, but also from the more distant cities of Vienna, Buda and Pest. With fine memories the visitors often returned, not just the locals, but also the guests from abroad.

For over one hundred years this was the place where friendships were established and reinforced, disputes settled, and the feelings of love sealed up while the newly married couple danced together for the first time. Pleasant and joyful sentiments combined well with delicious wines and cheerful music. The Macher family built still another building in the area of the restaurant, Villa Etelka, creatinging a closely joined structure design. In the passing times not only the pattern of the structure changed, but also its names. A simply named restaurant turned into the Prokša Restaurant and later the well-know Kačabar, remembered by many visitors up to this date.

A devastating fire in 1992 interrupted the success story development lasting more than a century. After some years of reconstruction works, the villa serves today partly as a private residential house. Its main mission, however, remains to honor Alžbeta Macherová‘s message of the nineteenth century with pride and dignity, providing excellent space for meeting with the people we do care about most: in lovely nature in harmony with elegant style.